1. Sky Dancer

    You might not remember this shorebird by name but chances are good that you’ve viewed his moves somewhere online. If you think those moves are singularly memorable, you haven’t yet caught sight of their magical sky displays in very early spring. The Sky Dancer’s aerial acrobatics
  2. Tall Trees - Daisugi

    Bonsai was the subject of my recent #thicktrunkthursday #thursdayturfday post; today let’s take the cultivation of tree growth in a different direction. #talltreestuesday Though the ancient concept of Bonsai is presently well-known, the concept and practice of Daisugi (meaning “
  3. Take a Stroll on Bonsai Turf…

    #thursdayturfday #thicktrunkthursday Yet another place to explore and expand your concept of turf as a location is in a Bonsai forest. Goshin "protector of the spirits", by John Naka Goshin 2019 Photo courtesy of the U.S. National Arboretum. Goshin 2015 photo from the collection of Mr.
  4. Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island, Philippines

    We can find an experience of “new turf” among most rare and unusual geological and ecosystem environments, such as the Chocolate Hills. #ThursdayTurfDay #TurfThursday #TurfThursdayRarities Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines photo by P199 at Wikimedia Commons These Chocolate Hills
  5. Boston’s Christmas Tree is a Gift from Nova Scotia

    #ThursdayTurfDay #TurfThursday #neighborshelpingneighbors We most often think of turf as a thick mat of soil and grass or as home territory to one group of people or another. When turf means people helping people in need, people whose home turf has been devastated by natural or
  6. The Pantanal

    #TurfThursday #ThursdayTurfDay Dry Season in the Pantanal photo from World Wildlife Fund website There are various uses of the word Turf, home turf, artificial turf, hostile turf, roof turf, etc., but I’m choosing to focus on turf as a natural grassland, “The covering of grass and
  7. #ThursdayTurfDay #TurfThursday

    Introducing a New #Topic for Thursdays! #ThursdayTurfDay aka #TurfThursday are joining the many other Thursday #topics to explore here on @Post Oxford English Dictionary turf, n.¹ collective singular. The covering of grass and other plants, with its