1. About Threads by Meta

    When I'm thinking about using Threads by Meta, I'm willingly sacrificing my privacy. Why? Because the internet sucks when you try to fight the hegemony. And you're in minority, being peer pressured to submission anyway. So I'm ready to let (this time) Zuck completing my profile a
  2. I'd sooo try the Threads app because since Musk took over Twitter, Zuck instantly gained a billion internet points and regained his karma. Just like that. At least for me. So I've been Twitter-free since Jan 2023 and I'm completely willing to part with my privacy and join the (pr
  3. Threads Emulates Twitter, Imposes Rate Limits for Spam Control

    Instagram's companion app, Threads, embraces Twitter's strategy, imposing rate limits to counter increasing spam attacks, emphasizing the importance of user experience and content quality in social media platforms. #SpamControl #SocialMediaSecurity #ThreadsApp
  4. A Sharp Decline in Threads' User Engagement Signals Uncertain Future

    As Threads' user engagement dwindles, it becomes clear that despite initial success, maintaining momentum is a struggle. While making a dent in Twitter's user base, becoming a true alternative is still a significant challenge. #ThreadsApp #TwitterVsThreads #SocialMediaTrends