1. The Making of Society of the Snow, From Precise Historical Recreations to Deeply Spiritual Interpretation

    Netflix’s new survival thriller viscerally reimagines the real-life 1972 Uruguayan plane crash in the Andes Mountains in ways both exacting and improvised. The filmmakers tell Vanity Fair how they balanced hard facts with emotional truths. By David Canfield The question that consum
  2. #poetry

    before the storm I caught overcast elastic clouds dance in the sky only to watch jealousy grow between them until the thunder raged the heavens cried nature was no better than you or I
  3. A friend in San Diego tells me the right is already complaining that the storm was really a hoax and the preparedness was more government interference. Yet if Gavin had done nothing, and Hilary had kept her strength up, they'd have complained that Gavin did nothing to protect th
  4. I can see it now,the GOPs like BoBoBoebert,MTG,Matt Gaetz,Gym Jordan ,Kevin McCarthy all blaming Joe for the storm in California !!
  5. Every time I read that [storm] Hillary is going to nail SoCal, I immediately think "Why couldn't Hillary nail Mar-a-Lago? It would be so sweet!"