1. Go inside 'The Sound of Freedom' and celebrate SA hip hop

    By Moroba Moroeng Apple Music is celebrating 50 years of hip hop by taking it back to the essence of South African rap The streaming service is a little late to the party but they've finally curated a playlist to celebrate hip hop's 50th anniversary with The Sound of Freedom The App
  2. As we knew there were some underlying issues with the movie "The Sound of Freedom" with their producer and star, a known #qanonisacult supporter this bombshell drops https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/2023/10/10/ballard-lawsuit-sound-of-freedom/?utm_campaign=wp_the7&utm_medium=
  3. #TheSoundOfFreedom : Un film qui dévoile l’horreur du trafic d’enfants, un commerce à 150 milliards de dollars.