1. Can you imagine how the demoralized right-wing who bet against human rights & democracy, lying their asses off, paying for fake polls, & getting trounced by voters will feel? Melania's jacket speaks for me. The Rachel Maddow Show 5/24/24 via @YouTube
  2. NBC dropped Ronna McDaniel after a huge blowback, including from their own major anchors. It was one of the dumbest hires ever. Here is a short excerpt from The Rachel Maddow Show -- a powerful critique of the foolish hire by Rachel. Rachel really understands how autocracies rise
  3. Chris Hayes' biography: All In, wife, MSNBC, net worth, and podcast

    By Ryan Mutuku Chris Hayes is an American political commentator, television news anchor, activist, editor, and author. Millions watch his program on MSNBC because he is lively and knowledgeable. Growing up, Hayes only wanted to be an actor but found himself writing in the print me
  4. "Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses the tense hearing in a D.C. courtroom over the ex-president’s gag order, his allies working to undermine Fulton County DA Fani Willis as she receives protection from an unlikely source, a judge’s ruling that the ex-president e
  5. Rachel's on.👍🌹🥂⚡️ It's amazing. The Rachel Maddow Show 11/20/23 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS November 20, 2023 via @YouTube
  6. What ever happened to the federal investigation of Trump's fake elector scheme? #theRachelMaddowShow