1. Prince Harry's feud with William deprives future king of one of his 'top advisers', says expert

    By Jamie Roberts Prince Harry 's strained relationship with his older brother Prince William could prove costly in the future, according to an expert. The brothers' bond has been fractured of late, especially after the Duke of Sussex's public outing of their issues. Harry took aim a
  2. ‘Priceless!’ Internet hails Caitlin Clark after she passes ball to her brother following win against LSU Tigers

    By Divya Kishore ALBANY, NEW YORK: Caitlin Clark has not only been hailed online by her fans for her win over the LSU Tigers, but she also received praise for passing the ball to her brother in the crowd. On Monday, April 1, the Iowa Hawkeyes star was the force behind her team's wi
  3. “A Slippery Slope”: NYPD Is Relocating Reporters From Police HQ to a Trailer

    Officials say the move is for space reasons. But it comes “against a backdrop of complaints about the coverage of crime,” says one veteran crime reporter, which has “raised everybody’s antenna.” By Charlotte Klein The New York Police Department is yet again trying to shuffle the re
  4. Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' analysed by US reporter 'Looking into the life of a broken man'

    By Georgia Pearce Political Editor of Breitbart News, Emma-Jo Morris, has criticised the son of US President Joe Biden as he faces charges of contempt. Hunter Biden and his family are accused of improperly profiting from decisions that the President participated, in while serving a
  5. 'Stop making remakes': Internet mocks Disney CEO Bob Iger’s explanation for recent box-office failures including Marvel projects

    By Rittwik Naskar MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: During the New York Times DealBook Summit, held on November 30, Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke about his dissatisfaction with the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, ‘The Marvels’. Iger, who resumed his role as CEO of Disney in November 2022, a
  6. Royal Family ‘united in outrage’ as King Charles and Kate dragged into naming row

    By Svar Nanan-Sen The Royal Family is ‘united in outrage’ and considering legal action after media outlets across the world began to name the two senior royals who allegedly had "concerns" about Prince Archie's skin colour. The identities of the senior royals were first published i