1. #FilmsAndTelevisionIWatchedThisWeek Caught a good chunk of #StarTrekIntoDarkness (2013) and remembered just how good these films were, a few years before the rejuvenation of the tv series with Discovery, Picard et al. Bold, frenetic and perfectly cast, these films do such a great
  2. Sky The Lazarus Project season 2 – release date, trailer and cast for Sky’s sci-fi drama

    By Jake Hackney Sky is preparing to launch the hotly anticipated second season of its flagship sci-fi series. The Lazarus Project is back on screens later this year, marking the return of one of Sky’s most successful original shows in recent years. Billed by Sky as “a timely and a
  3. #FilmAndTelevisionIWatchedThisWeek A fairly full week - sitting in a chair and watching stuff wise - was off work for a few days due to the FND, so it was pretty much the only thing I could do. A dash of #MeanGirls (2004) (always good and I just love the end music as it kicks in)
  4. Thoughts on the finale for #TheLazarusProject finale. I've had a rocky relationship with the season but I gotta hand it to the writers that final act twist was clever. Review at @telltaletv : #TVPost #TVReviews #Reviews
  5. From last night, thoughts on Sunday's #TheLazarusProject . George reaps what he sows and the final scene introduces questions that I hope we get answers in the finale. Review at @telltaletv : #TVPost #TVReviews #Reviews
  6. Between the lying, the murder, and the treason, George is keeping busy on #TheLazarusProject . My Review for @telltaletv : #TVReviews #TVPost