1. I heard the same happened with Mackenzie Scott’s (Bezos’ ex-wife) philanthropy: she has actually donated some considerable sums but she’s still richer than when she started. Once wealth hits that kind of scale it tends to have a life of its own and keeps expanding. Which is why sh
  2. This is true. Most all of the 400 have foundations, but most not really what you would call philanthropic on a large scale. Most of the 11 are member's of Warren Buffett's 'The Giving Pledge' This includes Mr. Buffett and Bill Gates and Charles Munger who just passed, RIP Charli
  3. Billionaire Philanthropy Is a Scam

    By Jason Linkins Money gets a bad rap in some quarters. It’s said that it “isn’t everything,” that it cannot “buy you happiness,” that loving it is “the root of all evil.” But if there’s one thing that money is absolutely stupendous at doing, it’s solving problems. Naturally, the
  4. From Mark And Bill To Ashton And Mila: Why Billionaires And Celebrities Are Saying No To Generational Wealth

    By Aran Richardson Legendary investor Warren Buffett has famously indicated that he will leave some of his wealth to his children but has made it clear that he plans to give 99% of it to charitable causes. "After much observation of super-wealthy families, here's my recommendation: