1. I know a guy that is a retired FBI agent and he said that the FBI has agents that all they do is look for voter fraud. I don’t know this for certain but that is why I feel that the Russian collusion was investigated because it is the FBI’s job to …: Read
  2. Colorado funeral home owners arrested over storage of 189 bodies

    By Kelly Rissman A Colorado funeral home owner and his wife were arrested on Wednesday after 189 bodies’ were discovered improperly stored at the business . The couple, Jon and Carrie Hallford, were taken into custody in Wagoner, Oklahoma, on suspicion of committing abuse of a corps
  3. Lock him up TODAY...

    And yet Pussy Garland has not demanded the FBI arrest him (as they would to literally anybody else in the country) so he's still out there telling Dog knows what, to Dog knows who...
  4. Casino giant MGM expects $100 million hit from hack that led to data breach

    By: Zeba Siddiqui (Reuters) -MGM Resorts International said on Thursday a cyberattack last month that disrupted its operations would cause a $100 million hit to its third-quarter results, as it works to restore its systems. One of the world's largest gambling firms, MGM shut down i
  5. FBI Director Wray Testifies before House Judiciary Committee #wray #ChrisWray #FBI #TheFBI #HouseJudiciary #JimJordan #MarALago #HunterBiden #ClassifiedDocuments #January6th #Biden #Trump #politicaliq #news #politics
  6. FBI Agents Participation in January 6

    #Justice #Democracy #theFBI It's so hard to absorb all this news every day. I'm usually polite, but WTF! Why has it taken so long to do something about these 3 traitorous FBI agents? How many more of them or still with the FBI? I was taking a break. The article in The NY Times ma
  7. Witch Hunt: Lot of Witches Found By Mueller

    Image post of a 'Mueller, She Wrote'-retweet screenshot by Scott Dworkin reads: The correct Durham Report headline "Mueller, She Wrote @MuellerSheWrote • May 15 BREAKING: Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and the FBI are fully EXONERATED in the Durham investigation: NO CHARGES brought for t