1. It's okay to make mistakes sometimes! If the kids in The Breakfast Club hadn't erred, they wouldn't have gone to detention & met their new best friends! If the world was a perfect place, we wouldn't have mechanics to fix the loose screws! Learn from the experience, forgive yourse
  2. Don’t You Forget About Me

    40 years ago today… a bunch of kids had detention. #TheBreakfastClub#TheBreakfastClub Does this movie still hold up? #80s#80s #Movies#Movies #JohnHughes#JohnHughes
  3. 40 years. #thebreakfastclub #cinema #film #Filmmakers defining a generational paradigm shift .
  4. It's National Teenager Day | March 21st, 2024

    Teenagers: we've all been one at one time, or maybe are one right now. They are either about to enter high school, are in high school, or are starting college. Their bodies and minds are going through changes and they are finding out who they are: the things that define them as h
  5. 'Very hard to watch': Charlamagne Tha God 'shocked' Wendy Williams' family approved Lifetime documentary

    By Nabanita Pain LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Wendy Williams ' former radio companion Charlamagne Tha God remarked that it was "very hard to watch" the Lifetime documentary about the former talk host and that her family had given their approval "shocked" him. Initially aired on Saturday
  6. Molly Ringwald Through the Years: Photos of ‘The Breakfast Club’ Star Then & Now

    By Medina Lynn Teen dream! Molly Ringwald is an 80s icon. Celebrate her February 18th birthday in photos, here. Molly Ringwald was the ultimate queen of 80s teen movies, starring in iconic films like The Breakfast Club , Sixteen Candles , and Pretty In Pink . With her gorgeou
  7. Is P Diddy gay? Are the rumors by celebrities and fans confirmed?

    By Bill Cyril Salasya P. Diddy, or Puff Daddy, is a famous American rapper, actor, record producer, entrepreneur and songwriter. Over the years, there have been rumours regarding his sexual orientation, but he has never commented about them. So, Is P Diddy gay? Rumours about P Didd
  8. Marlon Wayans spoke about his experience parenting his 23-year-old trans son. #marlonwayans #lgbtq #thebreakfastclub Full Story Here
  9. Working With John Hughes Was ‘Really Special’ For Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall worked with John Hughes on four of his first five movies, and they were experiences he'll never forget. #AnthonyMichaelHall #JohnHughes #SixteenCandles #NationalLampoonsVacation #vacation #thebreakfastclub #weirdscience #80s #80movies #1980s #1980smovies #movi