1. Iran’s Houthi proxies have used Iranian-designed weapons - Article from Beefeater - Part 2

    Another free, long, and detailed article from Beefeater ( @BeefeaterFella ) 2/2 Final part of the article The Saudi dimension The Houthi movement emerged in northern Yemen in the 1990s, in part, as a reaction to rising Saudi financial and religious influence. In November 2009, the Hou
  2. Alexius I (1081-1118 A.D.) Gold Hyperpyron, Constantinople Mint. During his 36 year reign, Alexius I reversed the decline of the Roman (“Byzantine”) Empire, reconquering Western Asia Minor and driving out western barbarian invaders in the Balkans. Without his brilliant leadership
  3. Volodymyr Zelensky spells out WW3 fears warning Vladimir Putin is waiting to be 'pushed'

    By Rachel Hagan Volodymyr Zelensky has laid out new World War III fears and says he believes Vladimir Putin is waiting to be "pushed." The Ukrainian president described how the horrors in his country could turn into a world war and accused the Russian president of "lighting fires"
  4. By Toutatis - the Mailman delivered!! Gotta get reading right away!! #WhatAreYouReading #BookReviews #20thCenturyHistory #MilitaryHistory #NaziHistory #GermanHistory #WesternFront #EasternFront #WWIIHistory #SWWHistory #WWII #SWW #WargameResearch #Gebirgsjager #GermanMountainTroo