1. #TFGIndictment Each of the pro-Trump talking points suffer from the same problem Each of the Top 11 talking points following Donald Trump's federal indictment suffer from the same problem: They fall apart quickly under routine scrutiny.
  2. TFG Indictment Tuesday

    TFG not getting any support on the 37 count federal indictment from Rupert Murdoch's New York Post speaks volumes: TFG is in real legal jeorpardy. Let's hope for a successful arrest procedure Tuesday and that law enforcement is ready for whatever MAGAts who may show up at the M
  3. J6 2.0

    Is TFG hoping for a J6 style "crush of tourists" rushing to visit the Miami courthouse on Tuesday? 🤔 #TFGEspionageCrimes #TFGIndictment #LockHimUp #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #DefendDemocracy Charged rhetoric swirls online and off as Trump’s Miami court date looms
  4. #TFGIndictment Trump Supporters’ Violent Rhetoric in His Defense Disturbs Experts
  5. "But Her emails!" #HRCWasRight #IndictmentDay2 #TFGEspionageCrimes #TFGIndictment #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #LockHimUp #DefendDemocracy