1. Make your text emoji-free with Simplified's Emoji Remover

    Simplified's Emoji Remover is the secret weapon to eliminate emojis from your digital content. With just a few clicks, you can erase emojis and enjoy a cleaner online experience. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that no emoji goes unnoticed, allowing you to create text that is
  2. Export Account Data – Download Tips

    There seems to be a fair bit of consternation, confusion, and misunderstanding about getting past posts exported. Here's what I wrote under @denali_sam 's query about same, with an edit or two for clarity: Requesting Export Account Data Download EDIT NOTE: I
  3. It took a long while, as warned, but I was able to download everything. Except the comments, and that's just sad. I was able to open the posts doc in Notepad. It's in html format. I dint know how else to open it, but there must be a better way?
  4. Microsoft Notepad Finally Gets Spell-Check

    By Michael Kan For decades, Notepad has been a bare-bones text editor found in Windows. But the program might finally receive an important basic feature: spell-check. Microsoft is now rolling out an update to Windows 11 beta testers that introduces spell-check to Notepad, allowing
  5. If the revised emoji insertion syntax isn't to your liking—and you can open multiple browser tabs on your device of choice—you could always keep a copy-and-paste list of emojis on one tab and use it to highlight and copy [Ctrl + C] the emoji of your choice, and then paste it [Ctr