1. Mom of 3 goes viral for championing the ‘kid mom’ phase and the comments are one collective sigh of relief

    By Katrina Nattress Like all things in life, motherhood has its seasons. For many, the infant phase is equal parts special and soul-crushing , and when your baby starts to grow into their own little person it’s so fun to interact and bond with them, but the toddler stage comes with
  2. Would you trade chores with your kids?

    By Katrina Nattress Let’s face it, most of us don’t like doing chores, so it’s not surprising that children often resist them . Nagging is usually not constructive, and sometimes you can try every trick in the book to no avail. But what about trading chores with your kids? Related:
  3. "It Doesn't Stink At All! It Smells Earthy!"

    #NPR Excerpt 3 mins: "Instead of [teaching kids] just, 'all these horrible things are happening,' it's like, 'all these horrible things are happening, and there's all these adults out there who are really actively trying to make it better. And here's ways you can participate,'"
  4. Here’s why roughhousing with your kids is good for them—really

    By Anne-Marie Gambelin There are feet and elbows and squeals and shrieks, followed by laughing—lots of laughing—plus thumps and grunts. I watch, waiting for my youngest to smack his head on the coffee table or my oldest to sit a little too long on the middle one’s chest, worried t
  5. Mom shares creative way she encourages her kids to embrace their innate goodness—and it’s going viral

    By Katrina Nattress From an early age, we can see what kind of person our child is going to be. They may be a natural leader; they may be courageous; they may be thoughtful; they may be kind. For Kelsey Pomeroy’s family, inclusivity is what her kids gravitate towards . This concept
  6. Why does finding time to play with your child feel so hard?

    By Dr. Erin O'Connor Play is the work of childhood, and the benefits are innumerable: Play is a gateway to a “state of flow”—a psychological experience where children are totally and happily immersed. Through play, children acquire key skills for life including self-regulation , co