1. The Designer Who’s Trying to Transform Your City Into a Sponge

    Kongjian Yu pioneered China’s “sponge city” concept—less concrete and more green spaces to exploit stormwater instead of fighting it. Metropolises all over the world are following suit. By Matt Simon Your city isn’t prepared for what’s coming. The classical method for dealing with
  2. Los Angeles Just Proved How Spongy a City Can Be

    As relentless rains pounded LA, the city’s “sponge” infrastructure helped gather 8.6 billion gallons of water—enough to sustain over 100,000 households for a year. By Matt Simon Earlier this month, the future fell on Los Angeles. A long band of moisture in the sky, known as an atmo
  3. New methods for improving water management to develop sustainable cities

    By Yi Qian Water, as one of the essential natural resources, is vital for the growth of any region. How much water a city has access to and how water is distributed is a crucial part of sustainable development. Therefore, it is important to assess how well a city can manage its wat
  4. The age of the city has not ended–but its inequality is fueling the backlash against metropolitan elites

    By Ian Goldin The hope that globalization and technological progress would generate a world that is flat, in which opportunity is spread more evenly, has given way to a realization that far from the death of distance, globalization and technological change have made place more imp