1. In the Survivor 45 Final 5 Tribal Council, Dee Explained How She Dealt with Being Targeted

    When Jeff Probst asked Dee how to avoid getting targeted on Survivor 45, she explained the strategy she used that served her so well in the game — deflect to someone else! Today’s TikTok: You can also see Dee lay out exactly what she did as a YouTube Short: Or on Instagram: #Surv
  2. Survivor 45 Dee Revealed in Final Tribal Council How She Took Control of the Planned Julie Blindside

    Dee swore to Austin that she hadn’t revealed the planned Julie blindside. But then she gave the real story at the Survivor 45 Final Tribal Council — not only did she tell Julie, but she ensured Emily was sent home instead and hid it all. It was a great example of her power in the
  3. Survivor 45 Emily’s Financial Planner Mode Turned On As She Voted for the Winner

    Emily voted to reward Dee with a big chunk of Survivor 45 money but then switched into Financial Analyst Emily Flippen mode and vowed to take fiduciary control of that portfolio if she spent ANY of it on Austin! 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Financial Analyst Emily Flippen m
  4. Did This Survivor 45 Scene from Earlier This Season Foreshadow the Winner?

    Back when Dee won the first Survivor 45 individual Immunity Challenge and talked about her million-dollar toes, I wondered if it was foreshadowing her as the eventual winner… 2nd TikTok today: You can also see this flashback to a scene I knew would be important as a YouTube Short
  5. CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner of Survivor 45!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Survivor 45 WINNER!! They played a great game and the jury recognized it! Awesome job! My quick TikTok: You can also see my congrats as a YouTube Short: Or on Instagram: #Survivor45 #Survivor #RealityTV #TV #TVShow #WhyXLost #RHAP #SurvivorWinner #DeeVallad