1. “After I was paralyzed, I thought I’d never be a chef. Now, I own a successful restaurant and food truck”

    By Toronto Life I spent the late ’90s working at Taj Banquet Hall, my parents’ catering and event space in North York. My mom, Afzal Syed—the biryani queen of Toronto—taught me everything she knew. I learned how to make butter chicken, biryani and an array of other Indian and Paki
  2. “After I suffered a catastrophic brain injury, doctors told me I may never walk or talk again. Three years later, I finished medical school”

    By Toronto Life I grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario, in a close-knit family with two sisters. As early as I can remember, the pressure to perform in both sports and school weighed heavily on me. My parents were supportive of all of my aspirations: they drove me to soccer practices an