1. Just chillin’ on #SundayMorning . #dogsofpost #dogslife #MemorialDayWeekend
  2. The good stuff. The Big Bang & Young Sheldon #BigBang #YoungSheldon #SundayMorning #cbs
  3. Everyone Is A Critic, Even Cats (Especially Cats?)

    Framing up some pictures, the matte was out of the frame for 2¼ minutes, cat managed to chew on a corner as I filled my tea cup ... He must be a cartographic critic... (fortunately it was small enough so that is tucked under the corner of the frame) #SundayMorning #Sundayfeeling #Su
  4. Sleep expert urges you to make changes today to avoid clocks change struggle

    By Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz Losing an hour sleep is never ideal, but there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself. The clock change happens twice a year, but for some reason it always manages to catch us by surprise. This year it will happen on Sunday, March 31, which thi
  5. #SundayMorning News: “Twisted” Putin “fixates on imaginary foes while terrorists attack Moscow”; Trump the “Paramilitary Candidate”; “The Morons [and Extremist Nutjobs] Are Circling Mike Johnson”; “Youngkin needs a crash course in racial literacy”
  6. #Sundaymorning
  7. Met Office reveals every part of UK set for snow with warnings across Britain

    By Ryan Merrifield Scattered weather warnings for snow and ice are in place across the UK as temperatures plunged below freezing overnight. The Met Office has issued yellow warnings through Saturday morning for the northern coast and southwest of Scotland , as well as southwest and
  8. Prison inmate climbs onto roof before 'throwing slabs at officers'

    By Holly Bishop A man is allegedly "throwing slabs" at police officers from the roof of HMP Barlinnie. Staff are currently trying to control the incident. The man is believed to be a current inmate at the prison in Glasgow. The supposed inmate is understood to be throwing roof tiles
  9. China, Japan, South Korea seek summit in latest bid to ease relations

    By: Hyonhee Shin SEOUL (Reuters) -China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Sunday to restart cooperation and pave the way for a summit in the latest move to ease tensions between the Asian neighbours. Even as China and the United States seek to mend frayed ties, including a summit th
  10. Zippy “watching tape” on her competition on Sunday morning. #dogsofpost