1. "I've got tons more stuff to do." - Taj Mahal #quote #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #Stuff #MoreToLife #BeingHuman I will continue posting my “quote of the day” and other things until @noam closes up shop. If you want to follow, I do the same things
  2. "I count life just a stuff to try the soul's strength on." - Robert Browning #quote #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #stuff #TheStuffOfLife #Soul #BeingHuman I will continue posting my “quote of the day” and other things until this shop closes the door. If you want to follow, I do th
  3. Знання

    Чи може бути знання товаром і бути проданим? Чи можна взагалі володіти знаннями і вважати їх своїми щоб потім продавати? Що насправді купують люди в «знаючих»? Точно не знання, бо їх ніяк не можна передати. Чи є знаючим той хто продає? Ні. Купують і продають - ілюзію, обман. #knowledge
  4. Hi, I’m going to be quiet for a few days, rubbish day and I now have ‘stuff’ to sort out. Personally I hate having to sort ‘stuff’ out, but life does this to us at times… So to keep you all ‘giggling’!! until I return. My Good Friend Mr Otter did this hilarious Stand Up Comedy Ro

    WE HAVE A BIG NEED!!! We need Nylabones! Bully sticks! BusyBones! Kongs! Puzzle games! Mental stimulation activities! Snuffle mats! We have a lot of dogs that have not had enrichment in the hands of an #exploiterhoarder and they need #stuff They need tough #toys , wubba's and yummy t
  6. Rugby World Cup final result plunged into controversy after 'outside the rules' admission

    By Tom Victor World Rugby have privately admitted New Zealand's disallowed try in the Rugby World Cup final should have stood, it has been claimed. The All Blacks were narrowly beaten in the final in Saint-Denis, with South Africa retaining their title after a 12-11 victory . New Ze