1. Elephant Leg & Turkey Foot

    I couldn't help but put these two together while working in the woods. They remind me of an elephant's foot and giant turkey claw. . Installation Art I think I'll start a sculpture garden out on the strip between drive and road, maybe with my Snow Crows changing position every now an
  2. U.S. Hypocritical & Cynical Abstention from UN Security Council Resolution on Gaza

    Because the final text does not have key language we view as essential, notably a condemnation of Hamas*, we could not support it . This failure to condemn Hamas is particularly difficult to understand coming days after the world once again witnessed the horrific acts terrorist gr
  3. With no chance to celebrate Ramadan, Gazans gather at soup kitchens

    By: Mahmoud Issa JABALIA, Gaza (Reuters) - In the Jabalia refugee camp, hungry Gazans hold out pots to receive soup during the holy month of Ramadan. As other Muslims around the world consume traditional Ramadan meals and desserts to break their fast after sunset, residents of the
  4. Netanyahu, in Defiance of Biden's 'Red Line,' Authorizes Plans for Rafah Offensive

    By Yasmeen Serhan More than a month after first announcing Israel’s intended offensive in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized plans for the incursion to take place, a spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office confirmed on
  5. Biden Readies New Weapons Shipment to Israel; US Embassy Says "No Human Rights Concerns"...

    Times of Israel: According to the report , the proposed shipment includes around a thousand units of #MK82bombs , #fuses , and #Joint #Direct #Attack #Munitions #guidancekits , which add precision guidance to #bombs . The package is estimated to be worth tens of #millions of #dollars . A
  6. New International Court of Justice Case Against Israel, 52 Countries On Legal Consequences of Israel Occupation West Bank and East Jerusalem

    The #ICJ will hear 52 countries on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It’s the largest number of parties to participate in any single ICJ case since the court was established in 1945. The #International #Court of #Justice will begin
  7. Super Bowl Massacre - IDF rescue 2 hostages & Killed 67 Palestinians & By UN Israel Breach ICJ orders

    #Israeli #forces rescued two #hostages early Monday, storming a heavily guarded apartment in the southern #GazaStrip and extracting the captives under fire in a dramatic raid. The operation killed at least 67 #Palestinians , including #women and #children . Reference Article To assi
  8. George Kittle claims he is already one up over Super Bowl tight end rival Travis Kelce

    By Keith Webster In a game that can terrify even the greatest players, tonight it is the beard that should be feared in Super Bowl LVIII. Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy are likely to be the stars in Sin City as the NFL lights up the Strip. But both quarterbacks know that when trou
  9. Innocent People Pay with Lives in Netanyahu Political Survival Game! War Can Wait - Hostages - Captives on Both Sides Can't!

    At least 32 of the 136 #Israeli hostages - captives believed to be held in the #Gaza #Strip have died since their capture last fall. By November 2023, the number of #Palestinian prisoners - captives in #Israel had increased to 10,000 among them 88 women and 250 children aged 17 a
  10. Super Bowl LVIII teams not permitted to gamble in Las Vegas, NFL emphasizes rules are ‘no different’ to any other game

    By Ben Morse, CNN The NFL has emphasized that the gambling rules for the teams participating in Super Bowl LVIII are “no different” to any other game, despite the showpiece event being held in Las Vegas, Nevada . The Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers on February 1