1. I presented a newly updated version of my SAD Scheme talk to a group of sophisticated IP practitioners. As usual, none of them had ever heard of it--but they were angry by the time I was done #StopTheSADScheme Talk slides (new!): Paper:
  2. Vice covers a merchant group's unexpected victory over Smiley's SAD Scheme lawsuit 🙃 #StopTheSADScheme
  3. Blog Post: A Judge Enumerates a SAD Scheme Plaintiff’s Multiple Abuses, But Still Won’t Award Sanctions–Jiangsu Huari Webbing Leather v. Schedule A Defendants #StopTheSADScheme
  4. Luke Combs discovered that his enforcement team ruined a fan's life using the SAD Scheme Combs is now trying to fix the damage, but he also should #StopTheSADScheme entirely