1. A little boy vanished without a trace in 2011. His grandmother believes he’s being kept on a Mormon commune

    By Andrea Cavallier For 13 years, no one has seen or heard from Timmothy Pitzen , an Illinois boy who mysteriously vanished in 2011 – but his loved ones believe he’s still alive and living on a Mormon commune with no access to the outside world or awareness that people are looking
  2. ‘The Aporkalypse’: Stray pigs are terrorizing this tiny New England town

    By Amelia Neath The residents of a small town in Connecticut are fed up with an unruly band of stray pigs that have been roaming the neighborhood, destroying lawns and allegedly forcing one man to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage. Sterling locals blame th
  3. Asia rides Wall St rally, dollar sags on inflation relief

    By: Kevin Buckland TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian stock markets rallied on Thursday, buoyed by Wall Street's surge to all-time peaks overnight after a milder U.S. inflation report raised expectations the Federal Reserve will deliver two interest rate cuts this year. The dollar remained on
  4. Japan's helping hand with BoE June rate cut window

    By: Mike Dolan LONDON (Reuters) - If worries about sterling were a factor preventing the Bank of England cutting interest rates too far ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve, then Japan's dollar-selling intervention may, weirdly, help keep its options open. Britain's central bank annou
  5. Asda refinances £3.2 billion debt at higher interest rates

    By Simon Hunt Asda has refinanced its billion-pound debt pile as the supermarket seeks to put its finances on a stronger footing after the billionaire Issa brothers and private equity firm TDR saddled the firm with loans when they bought it from Walmart in 2021. The firm said it su
  6. Trump endorsed Lauren Boebert in a heavily MAGA district. It still might not be enough

    By Sheila Flynn Rep. Lauren Boebert walked into a fairgrounds event hall on the eastern Colorado plains on Sunday, her heels sky-high, her sons in tow and a newly-minted endorsement from the 45th president in her campaign arsenal. Then she took a seat behind a misspelt name card –
  7. Investors are buying back into the pound's pizazz

    By: Amanda Cooper LONDON (Reuters) - The pound is playing catch-up with the dollar as investors beef up their bullish positions, and may get extra oomph from data this week showing British business activity is among the strongest in the developed world. Monthly surveys of business
  8. Internet flooded with prayers over firefighter Trevor Brown's tragic death in 'catastrophic' house explosion with crew inside

    By Srinija Grandhi Loudoun County, Virginia: Virginia's Loudoun County is steeped in grief following the tragic demise of Firefighter Trevor Brown. The 45-year-old hero met his untimely end on Friday in a catastrophic house explosion in Sterling, a city situated approximately 120
  9. Inflation trumps retail sales for sterling speculators

    By: Alun John LONDON (Reuters) - Sterling traders are betting that sticky inflation will outweigh slowing retail sales when the Bank of England puts economic data on the scales and makes its next interest rate decisions. The pound finished the last, data-packed, week slightly stron
  10. Analysis-Sterling runs into economic and election hurdles after stellar year

    By: Alun John LONDON (Reuters) - Sterling just had its best year against the dollar since 2017, yet a weakening economy and election uncertainty make a repeat performance unlikely. It is not hard to see why investors flocked back to Britain's currency after it hit a record low only