1. Suspect arrested in death of Jewish man in SoCal.

    Is the murder of a Jewish man in Los Angeles legitimate protest of Israeli government policy? #antisemitism #JewHatred #Israel #Gaza #Hamas #StandUpAgainstJewishHate
  2. Hatred against one is hatred against all of us. #GayRightsAreHumanRights #StandUpAgainstJewishHate #BlackLivesWillAlwaysMatter
  3. This is really getting ridiculous. #StandUpAgainstJewishHate Stop #antisemitism
  4. Journals Of Teen Synagogue Arsonist Reveal He Joined Texas State Guard To Meet ‘Like-Minded People’ Source: The Messenger (Texas) A recently-filed sentencing memo contends the Texas college student who torched an Austin synagogue in 2021 had become "fascinated" with the Texas State
  5. Penn Jewish Faculty recieve Hateful Antisemitic Emails

    Did you see what is happening at Penn? Antisemitic emails sent to #Jewish faculty members. This is happening in your country, right now. Is it 1930? When will you stand up for Jewish Americans? This isn't about #Netanyahu or bombing in #Gaza . This is straight up #antisemitism_her
  6. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks out against Tlaib's PR ploy. #Israel #StandUpAgainstJewishHate #Antisemitism
  7. Never Again, Is NOW!

    Please read this. Every word. This is so important to me and the future of the Jewish people. This is a break the glass moment. If you ever wondered what you would have done, when Hitler started rounding up the Jews, this is time to show the Jewish people that you stand with us a