1. Chilling moment 'ghost child' caught on camera in World War 2 MP's eerie mansion

    By Lucy Skoulding A child-like "ghost" has been caught on camera in photos from the abandoned mansion of a Second World War MP. Horace Trevor-Cox was part of Neville Chamberlain’s government, which famously tried and failed to placate Hitler before the war. Losing his seat in 1945,
  2. NatWest Group set to shut down 32 locations in 2024 – full list of NatWest and RBS bank branch closures

    By Patrick O'Donnell NatWest Group is set to shut down more than 30 locations in 2024 as the recent wave of bank branch closures continue. The banking group announced plans to scrap 32 physical NatWest , Ulster Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland locations last year. GB News has previou
  3. Man who had home ripped apart by tornado slams local council for 'letting him down'

    By Maisie Lawton & Charlie Duffield People living in homes devastated by the tornado which ripped through Stalybridge last week have criticised the council following the aftermath of a spontaneous weather event. The tornado reached excessive winds of 160mph and was the strongest t
  4. UK tornadoes mapped as severe weather warnings stretch 260 miles across Britain

    By Jake Loader Britain is set to be battered by tornadoes again - just days after a family in Greater Manchester admitted they were “lucky to be alive” when devastating winds ripped the roof off their home . Weather experts from the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation released a
  5. Richard Madeley sparks fresh outrage as he asks UK tornado victims - 'have they got over it?'

    By GB News Reporter Richard Madeley sparked fresh outrage today as he discussed the aftermath of Storm Gerrit on northern England. The ITV host asked one of his reporters whether how the clean up operation was after Storm Gerrit saw a tornado tear off the roof of homes in Greater M