1. Half of Brits don't trust ingredients in sports and energy drinks

    By Claire Rutter Energy drinks, hydration sachets, and protein shakes are just a few of the products that Brits spend £600 a year on in an effort to boost their health , but it turns out, that half of them (50 per cent) don’t trust the ingredients, according to new research. But it’
  2. Fueling Your Ride: Energy Gels for Cycling Success

    Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and maintain good health. However, any passionate cyclist understands the challenges of sustaining energy levels during rides or intense training sessions. This is where energy gels come into play. These handy packets of carbohydrates offer
  3. Supplement Manufacturers

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  4. Tyson Fury's incredible transformation on full display as Gypsy King faces new test after suffering cut

    By Lewis Winter Tyson Fury has evidently put extra work into improving his physical condition ahead of the huge undisputed fight against Oleksandr Usyk. The Gypsy King now faces a new test in having to maintain that state for the next three months after the Saudi Arabia bout was po
  5. There is no optimal [carbohydrate] ratio. The ratio that is optimal will change depending on amounts ingested. If 90 g/h is ingested it should be around 2:1, but if more is ingested, for example 120 g/h, 1:1 is likely better. There are many commercial preparations with claims of