1. The SPY Drops As Traders Price In A Hawkish Tone From Powell Friday Amid Strong Jobs Data: A Technical Analysis

    By Melanie Schaffer The SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY ) opened slightly higher Thursday before running into a group of sellers who knocked the market ETF down from the top of a flag formation, which Benzinga called out on Wednesday. The pop higher followed by the selling pressure came aft
  2. How To Take Advantage Of Market Insecurity? Compare These Two Volatility ETFs

    By Johnny Rice Market volatility, simply put, is how much and how quickly prices change. The larger and quicker, the more volatile the market. Market volatility is measured by finding the standard deviation from mean prices over a given period of time, or more commonly, the expecte
  3. Stock Market Continues Slide To End Brutal Week Amid Housing Crisis Woes: The Bull, Bear Case

    By Melanie Schaffer The SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY ) was trading about 0.3% lower Friday, popping up briefly from the low-of-day which saw the market ETF open the session down 0.67% amid concerns of a global housing crisis . Fear that the Federal Reserve will continue to hike interest r
  4. The Market Could Be Volatile After Wednesday's Interest Rate Call: These Products Offer Upside Potential

    By Melanie Schaffer ConvexityShares Daily 1x SPIKES Futures ETF (NYSE: SPKX ) was dropping about 1% Tuesday, falling to a new all-time low ahead of the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates . SPKX is a fund, which tracks the SPIKES Futures Short-Term Index and measures volatil
  5. Stock Market Falls Following Tesla, Netflix Earnings: This ETF Tracks Volatility In Broad-Based US Equities

    By Melanie Schaffer Convexity Daily 1x SPIKES Futures ETF (NYSE: SPKX ) was trading over 2% higher on Thursday, bouncing up from near the $9 level, which acted as support over the last four trading sessions, holding the ETF up from continuing in a downtrend pattern . SPKX is a fund t