1. Unleashing the Power of Expression: Speakatoo's German Text-to-Speech Converter

    Speakatoo's German Text-to-Speech converter stands out as a game-changer, offering a seamless and powerful tool for converting written text into lifelike spoken words in the German language. German Text to Speech: Convert Deutsch Text to Natural Voices (speakatoo.com)
  2. Defending your voice against deepfakes

    By Shawn Ballard Recent advances in generative artificial intelligence have spurred developments in realistic speech synthesis. While this technology has the potential to improve lives through personalized voice assistants and accessibility-enhancing communication tools, it also h
  3. Artificial intelligence: who are the leaders in speech synthesis AI for the technology industry?

    Speech synthesis AI technology is accelerating, opening doors for humans to communicate with applications more natural and seamless. #ai #artificialintelligence #speechsynthesis
  4. ChatGPT Can Now Talk to You—and Look Into Your Life

    ChatGPT inches closer to feature parity with the seductive AI assistant from Her, thanks to an upgrade that adds voice and image recognition to the chatbot. By Lauren Goode, Will Knight OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company that unleashed ChatGPT on the world last November, i
  5. The company building AI dubbing that preserves original voices

    By Caiwei Chen Seamus McAteer is the founder and CEO of Speechlab, a startup building generative AI for speech-to-speech translation. Incubated at Andrew Ng’s AI Fund and launched in 2022, Speechlab aims to build an AI dubbing tool for both audio and video that translates speakers