1. Southwest Airlines fired pilot who addressed passengers in Spanish when engine burst into flames

    By Amelia Neath A Southwest Airlines captain has filed a complaint against the airline, which sacked him over his decision to speak to passengers rather than fly the plane during an emergency last year. David Legeros was in command of a Boeing 737 that saw an engine burst into flam
  2. US lawsuit challenges Southwest Air's free ticket program for Hispanic students

    By: Nate Raymond (Reuters) - A group founded by a prominent anti-affirmative action activist on Monday sued Southwest Airlines, alleging that a two-decade-old program that awards free round-trip flights to Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students is racially discriminatory. Edw
  3. How U.S. Airline Loyalty Schemes Compare

    By Soo Kim Eager to travel more this year? Well, you're certainly not alone. Travel is set to reach record highs in 2024, with global tourism spending expected to reach U.S. $2 trillion, according to a December 2023 survey by market research firm Euromonitor International. Read more
  4. Woman climbs into overhead locker on plane for 'nap' - and people are baffled

    By Paige Freshwater Plane passengers have been left scratching their heads after watching a woman climb into an overhead locker to allegedly get some shut-eye. In a TikTok video, a woman is seen stretched out in an overhead compartment while puzzled passengers sit below her in the
  5. Congressman Mike Collins (R-GA) -

    Judd Legum May 06, 2024 "Coca-Cola, Verizon, Delta, AT&T, and the other companies supporting Collins... (the companies) did not respond to a request for comment." "Other corporations that made PAC contributions to Collins' reelection include American Airlines, Boeing, Cox Enterpri