1. China Moon mission: Watch LIVE as space launch aims to make history with lunar breakthrough

    By Matt Atherton The Chang'e-6 mission is expected to launch today, hoping to become the first mission to collect rock and soil samples from the far side of the Moon. The spacecraft will land on the northeastern side of the South Pole-Aikten Basin, before collecting the samples. The
  2. IceCube researchers detect a rare type of energetic neutrino sent from powerful astronomical objects

    By Doug Cowen, Penn State About a trillion tiny particles called neutrinos pass through you every second. Created during the Big Bang, these “relic” neutrinos exist throughout the entire universe, but they can’t harm you. In fact, only one of them is likely to lightly tap an atom
  3. Ben Fogle says he nearly died in ‘very close call’ on country lane

    By Lisa McLoughlin Ben Fogle has said he suffered a “very, very close call” when he was almost killed by a delivery driver on a rural road near his home. The TV star is calling for a change to the speed limit on the country road, so that delivery drivers cannot travel at 60 miles
  4. Vladimir Putin issues chilling new WW3 warning after successful test of experimental nuclear missile

    By Will Stewart & Will Stewart Vladimir Putin has sent a stark new WW3 warning following the successful trial of an experimental nuclear missile, as alarming footage of what is believed to be a nuclear missile test surfaced. The video captures the enigmatic intercontinental ballist
  5. 'Living Nostradamus' gives grave warning for 2024 with 'grim reaper' prediction

    By Ellie Fry Self-proclaimed psychic Athos Salomé has predicted a new lethal virus will soon 'sweep the world '. The 37-year-old , from Brazil, alleges he has successfully predicted the unprecedented Covid pandemic, along with other major events including the invasion of Ukraine and
  6. I've Been to Every Ocean's Deepest Floor, Everest's Summit and Space

    By Victor Vescovo I was 21 when I climbed my first mountain. It was Kilimanjaro in East Africa. I'd never done anything remotely like that. It really excited me. I have a certain personality, maybe even genetic makeup, that has predisposed me to be extremely curious. I had a multi-d
  7. The temperature has reached a record in the South Pole, there is a danger of disaster

    On March 18, 2022, scientists at the Concordia Research Center on the ice-covered eastern plateau of the South Pole recorded a dazzling event. Scientists write about such a big jump in temperature, which has not been noticed by any meteorological station in the world. The region's
  8. China’s next moon mission aims to do what no country has ever done. Its space ambitions don’t end there

    By Kathleen Magramo and Simone McCarthy, CNN China’s lunar mission to bring back the first samples ever collected from the moon’s far side is on schedule for next year, officials say, as Beijing ramps up its ambitious plan to send astronauts to the moon this decade and build an in
  9. #WDEFWeather : Maybe this will cool you off a bit: latest temperature/wind chill from @NSF Amundsen-Scott #SouthPole Station, #Antarctica .