1. What the conversation about Caitlin Clark’s pay gets wrong

    By Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN Caitlin Clark, who lifted women’s college basketball to new heights, became the leading scorer in NCAA basketball history, and was taken as first pick in the WNBA draft this week, will make a $76,535 salary this year. The top NBA pick will make a $10.5 m
  2. Men's pro teams have been getting subsidies for years. Time for women to get them, too.

    The NWSL's Kansas City Current will open the first stadium built specifically for a women's team. It was built almost entirely with private funds. By Nancy Armour, USA TODAY If state and local officials are going to hand out money for sports construction projects, it’s high time wo
  3. Why Caleb Williams should prepare for the Cam Newton treatment ahead of NFL draft

    USC's Caleb Williams might be the first pick in the NFL Draft. If history repeats, he'll face racial bias in the draft because he's a Black QB. By Mike Freeman, USA TODAY In February for Black History Month, USA TODAY Sports is publishing the series "29 Black Stories in 29 Days." W
  4. Super Bowl is a reminder of how family heritage, nepotism still rule the NFL

    Super Bowl 58 showcases why family connections are still so influential in the NFL at the top levers of power. By Brent Schrotenboer, USA TODAY Shortly after Sunday’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas , CBS television cameras likely will show a familiar postgame celebration with the winning t
  5. NFL owners created league's diversity woes. GMs of color shouldn't have to fix them.

    NFL now has 11 Black or brown GMs and, in theory, that should lead to more head coaches of color. But the owners still have to do their part. By Nancy Armour, USA TODAY It’s so very NFL that the people who’ve been harmed by the owners’ long history of discrimination now carry the b
  6. Rooney Rule hasn't worked to improve coaching diversity. But this new NFL program might

    NFL's Accelerator Program gives front-office and GM candidates a chance to meet owners face to face before there's a job on the line. By Nancy Armour, USA TODAY NFL owners sincere about improving the league’s glacial progress on diversity could take a lesson from Ted Lasso. In an ep