1. Google is bringing a 'fart noise' to go with the poo emoji on Android messages

    By William Mata Google has announced six of its text emojis will soon come with sound effects, including a fart noise going with the poo symbol. Users can also hear clapping, laughing, crying, partying and a drum roll if they select corresponding emojis during a chat. The six specia
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  3. EXACTLY! But ya gotta figure they are VERY sharp because they go through nut shells like a band saw! I crack up hearing the sound of a squirrel eating a filbert. They really do sound like little saws cutting them open! And they are FAST. Zip zip! Snack! For Christmas, I hand ou
  4. Wow! Wonder if anyone’s ever sampled that or composed a piece of music around it…? It’s like some of the subway stations in Brooklyn, where the braking trains make exactly the sound from the beginning of Moby’s “Extreme Ways.”