1. Luna - english

    Luna has always been fascinated by the stars. Even as a little girl, she spent nights gazing up at the sky, dreaming of the infinite vastness of the universe and wondering if there was a world out there somewhere that was just as infinite and full of secrets as her own. Her room
  2. See how Chioma and Davido are enjoying their new-year vacation with their twins (videos)

    By Chinasa Afigbo Nigerian singer Davido brought joy to Internet users after he shared a charming video of the precious moments he had with his wife, Chioma, and their newborn twins The Afrobeats sensation revealed that he had embarked on a journey abroad to spend quality time with
  3. Where Is Vili Fualaau Now? All About His Life After Mary Kay Letourneau Scandal

    By Sabrina Picou The former couple made headlines in the late 1990s and early aughts for their illegal relationship. Their story has now resurfaced in the new movie ‘May December.’ Vili Fualaau , 40, and the late Mary Kay Letourneau were at the center of the tabloids in the
  4. Lies Of P - PS5 - Episode 59 #LiesOfP #PS5 #SoulsLike #Halloween #Horror #TheGameAwards #BestRPG #BestArtDirection #NeoWiz #Playstation #Sony #RavenMoonX #Gaming #Sophia
  5. Sylvester Stallone reflects on his unemployed days as he appears on daughters' 'Unwaxed' podcast

    By Rohit Upadhyay LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Sylvester Stallone made an appearance on his daughters’ podcast show, ‘Unwaxed.’ The "Rocky" opened up about his tough times, which made him question if he was a good father to Sophia, 27, and Sistine, 25. “I was embarrassed to be your fath
  6. Sophia on a beautiful Sunday morning.