1. Why Whispering Angel is naff — and the new chic rosés you should be drinking this summer

    By Joe Bromley Life is treacherous in the rosé trenches. Picture this: you’ve bagged the outside bench at the Audley , tapped away upwards of 50 quid on what you thought to be the ‘posh option’ branded rosé and the sun is sparkling — everything is parfait until some tosser plus one
  2. Go to winecholarguild.com to read part 1 of my 2-part piece delving deep into the difficulties, and rewards, of appreciating old vine growths and wines, starting with changes in perception. Re #oldvines #ancientvines #winescholarguild #sommelierlife #sommelier #oldvinehero #oldv
  3. How Honey Spencer is finally clearing up natural wine

    By Joanna Taylor Natural wine is hardly a closely guarded secret, yet so few of us know much beyond its stylish labels and (sometimes) cloudy nature. Honey Spencer is one of the exceptions. Having dedicated her working life to understanding the beguiling, erratic world of the rema
  4. Meet the Napa Valley Sommelier Pushing for Inclusivity in the Wine World

    By Magdalena O'Neal DLynn Proctor has been an integral player in the wine industry for more than two decades as a sommelier, wine educator, and now the director of Fantesca Estate & Winery (where he hosts private tastings). The Napa Valley wine pro co-founded Wine Unify to fo
  5. 5 Easy Ways to Order Wine at a Restaurant, According to Sommeliers

    By Kelsey Mulvey Eating out isn’t all complimentary bread baskets and scoring a prime-time reservation at the coolest new restaurant : Not only do you have to scan through the menu to find the very best dish, but you also need to pick a great glass of vino to pair with it. (And, if
  6. "Welcome to 2024, it's time to go to work" is how I end the Bottom Line column in the latest SOMM Journal, addressing restaurant wine management under the twin economic threats of recession and inflation. #sommelier #sommjournal #sommelierlife #sommelierselection #SommelierExperi
  7. Tomorrow (Saturday, January 27) is ZAP's big, yearly Grand Tasting in San Francisco. I'll be there, hope you will! On my personal page, re "Dear sommeliers: It's now okay to like Zinfandel," #zinfandel #zinfandeladvocates #zinfandeladvocatesandproducers #oldvines #ownrooted #anci
  8. Wine And Sunset in Piazza del Duomo, Florence

    Sitting here in the fading glow of the Tuscan sun, you can watch Piazza del Duomo in Florence transform into a living canvas. This quiet fall evening, as the sun took its final bow on this ancient piazza, I found myself a humble spectator in this timeless theater. The cathedral's