1. Rudy Carey Was Pardoned, but the Unjust Law That Kept Him From Working Is Still on the Books

    By Sofia Hamilton In 2018, after five years of working diligently as an addiction counselor in Virginia, Rudy Carey received devastating news: He could no longer legally work. The reason? His criminal record included a barrier crime. Barrier crimes are convictions typically involvi
  2. #BlackPost #Blackmentalhealth #SocialWorkers
  3. A hopeful story someone shared in grief group today: Her granddaughter had a tough day in Kindergarten earlier this week. The teacher was leading a discussion on things to do when you feel sad, and the little girl started to cry and said she missed her grandpa (who passed away re
  4. Health and care workers are Britain's greatest unsung heroes, survey finds

    By Sarah Lumley Brits have revealed the top 20 professions that they believe contain the UK's greatest unsung heroes – with health and care workers topping the list. Volunteers, waste collectors, and teachers are other hard workers who go under the radar, without the praise they de
  5. Government and nonprofit workers are getting billions in student loan debt canceled through a public service program

    By William Chittenden, Texas State University The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program , which the George W. Bush administration created in 2007 to encourage people to work for the government and nonprofits, has grown significantly during Joe Biden’s presidency. The Conversation
  6. 'Memory' trailer: Jessica Chastain helps Peter Sarsgaard's struggle with dementia

    The official trailer for Memory has arrived, inadvertently offering a clear demonstration on how not to make new friends. The drama follows Sylvia ( Jessica Chastain ), a social worker whose life is disrupted when Saul (Peter Sarsgaard) follows her home from her high school reunion
  7. Drivers warned of the job titles with the highest car insurance prices averaging £1,500

    By Felix Reeves New research has found how much people will pay based solely on their jobs, with insurers looking to protect themselves from paying out expensive claims. Car insurance has been rapidly rising over the last few years as drivers face enormous annual costs, with some p
  8. Hospice is a calling. Every day, members of our hospice and palliative care teams are there for people of every background, wherever they live. We understand that deciding to choose hospice or palliative care may be difficult, scary or stressful. We also know that hospice and pal
  9. Social workers have combined superpowers of kindness and can-do. Our 30-something MSW was trying hard to get a patient's stove fixed but the landlord wouldn't return any of his messages. So, frustrated, he posted a question on a local marketplace app: "Hey, I've got a hospice pat
  10. Ohio social worker accused of having sex with boy, 13, she was counselling

    By Mike Bedigan A social worker in Ohio has been arrested after allegedly engaging in sexual contact multiple times with a 13-year-old boy she had been counselling . Payton Shires, 24, was arrested by police in Columbus on Friday after a woman contacted the police on September 27. Ac