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  2. Kweku Flick stunned as kid sister opens his iPhone via Face ID, video trends on social media

    By Geraldo Amartey Kweku Flick, in a video, had his sister unlock his phone using her face, easily penetrating Face ID's security The video, which was shared on the young lady's TikTok page, stirred debate as to how the phenomenon was possible In the comments section, people dropped
  3. Apple’s new security feature…

    Here’s a way to help protect your IPhone from bad guys. To turn on Apple’s new stolen device protection feature… -Click on the "Settings" -Scroll to "Face ID & Passcode" -Enter passcode, and toggle "Stolen Device Protection" on. #iPhone #Apple
  4. 👇🇨🇦"We caught technicians at Best Buy, Mobile Klinik, Canada Computers and others snooping on our personal devices" #SmartPhoneSecurity #RepairTechnicianSnooping #CBCMarketplace