1. Irish island featured in Star Wars movies reopens for summer season

    By Laura Colgan Star Wars fans can visit the ancient monastic settlement off the coast of Ireland that appeared in the movies as the island reopens for the summer season. Sceilg MhichĂ­l, off the coast of Co Kerry , reopens to the public from May 11. Access to the site is dependent o
  2. Dinosaur tracks thought to be world's oldest sign of life on land are found on Irish island

    By Alana Loftus An island off the southwest coast of Ireland is one of the most treasured sites of paleontology in the world. Valentia Island off the coast of Co Kerry is home to what experts believe are dinosaur tracks, or more specifically, tracks belonging to a Tetrapod, which i
  3. Majestic Irish island featured in Star Wars movies will teach world about climate change

    By Brian Dillon An Irish island that was the backdrop for Star Wars movies will teach people around the world about impact of climate change at World Heritage sites. Skellig Michael, off the coast of Co Kerry , is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was the filming location for scenes
  4. The Countdown to St. Patrick's Day. A view from Skellig Michael of Little Skellig. Skellig Michael is over 7 miles off the County Kerry coast in the Iveragh Peninsula. The world skellig comes from the old Irish word sceillec, a steep area of rock. On top is a monastery from
  5. 'My guide to two unforgettable days in Kerry, Ireland'

    By Brian Dillon Two days in Co Kerry can seem like the longest of adventures when you're smart with how you spend your time. The mighty county, lovingly known as 'The Kingdom', is by far one of the most naturally beautiful places in Ireland . During my last trip to Kerry a few years