1. Scientists Pinpoint World's Deepest Underwater Sinkhole

    By Jess Thomson A blue hole off the coast of Mexico has been found to be the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world. The Taam Ja' Blue Hole, which was first discovered in 2021, was originally thought to be 900 feet deep, but according to new research published in the journal Fron
  2. just down the street... #Sinkhole
  3. Massive sink hole forces popular social club on verge of being swallowed up to close

    By Richard Youle & Tim Hanlon A popular social club is being forced to close due to a massive sinkhole spreading beneath the building in Swansea. Dramatic images show the scale of the hole with metal fencing around it to protect the public at Cwmfelin Social Club in Cwmbwrla, Wales
  4. #Pattaya City officials say they will repair a small but developing sinkhole on Pattaya 3rd road at a major intersection.
  5. Massive sinkhole opens in San Francisco after water main break

    By Natalie Chinn A water main break caused a giant sinkhole to open in the streets of San Francisco early Monday, 11 September. The incident, which resulted in the flooding of nearby streets and buildings , caused major traffic and public transportation issues. Normal water service w
  6. Work begins to repair sinkhole near Knoxville, Iowa

    Work begins to repair sinkhole near Knoxville, Iowa #News #Iowa #IowaNews #USNews #Climate #Environment #Knoxville #KnoxvilleIA #Mining #Limestone #Sinkhole
  7. Marion County officials say they know what caused large sinkhole #News #USNews #Iowa #IowaNews #MarionCounty #Sinkhole #Limestone #Mines