1. One type of hate doesn't justify another

    Four Hamas members detained on suspected attack plans against European Jews German prosecutors: The four are longstanding members of Hamas with close ties to its military leaders. "We must ... do everything we can to ensure that Jews in our country do not have to fear for their saf
  2. Thank you, Discord: Ohio teen's murderous synagogue plot detected, reported, ended

    He's 13? How does someone so young get so twisted? I'm grateful that Discord takes death threats seriously. This seems like a real and important contrast to Elon Musk's X (aka Twitter). I see so many hate-filled posts on X. One can also find several large accounts on X that appear
  3. Zwijg maatschappelijke haat

    Ajax speelt zonder naam op shirt: 'Iedere maand 1500 haatberichten' "Waar ik bang voor ben is dat de generatie die nu opgroeit, het maar normaal vindt dat je alles mag zeggen over iedereen." #SilenceSocialHate #Nederland #rassenhaat #racisme #antisemitisme
  4. Three dots can help silence the haters

    Ajax, the most prestigious Dutch football club, is wearing three dots in place of their name on its uniforms this weekend. This is in an effort to encourage people to report online hate. "Reporting social hate is easy and anonymous." "The dots represent the universal sign for silenc