1. Development Of Uranium, Copper And Nickel Resources Is Critical To The Transition To Clean Energy – Sprott's ETFs Plan To Ride The Forecasted Growth

    By David Willey The transition towards low-carbon, clean energy solutions is continuing to pick up pace, and with it, the demand for critical minerals is projected to continue increasing. Critical minerals are the natural resources necessary to generate, transmit and store low-car
  2. Nationalized Resources, Major M&A Bids And Rebounding Lithium Prices: Sprott Asset Management's ETFs Cover Major Critical Minerals

    By David Willey Sprott Asset Management, a subsidiary of Sprott Inc. (NYSE: SII ), is a leading global exchange-traded funds (ETFs) asset manager with a specialty in precious metals and energy transition investments. Sprott’s line of Energy Transition ETFs invests exclusively in key