1. Why Canada has so many cyberattacks—and why we’re all at risk

    By Courtney Shea (Photo illustration by Maclean’s , photo courtesy of iStock) Over the last few months, there has been a slew of high-profile cyberattacks against big Canadian retailers, critical infrastructure systems and, most recently, the City of Hamilton . Not even the Toronto Z
  2. Ryan Reynolds Says Kids Are 'Magical Gifts From Heaven' And 'Can Kind of Be Pricks' In Fundraising Video For Beloved SickKids Charity

    By Aran Richardson Ryan Reynolds, again the embodiment of Christmas cheer and philanthropy, teamed up with staff members and amazing kids at the SickKids Foundation to raise money for an organization Canadians cherish. In a YouTube video for the organization, Reynolds sets the tone
  3. Why is COVID-19 more severe in some people? Researchers use genetics, data science to find out

    By Tyler Irving Why do some people have a more severe course of COVID-19 disease than others? A genome sequence database created by an international collaboration of researchers, including many from the University of Toronto and partner hospitals, may hold the answers to this ques
  4. 昨日は夜中熱の下がらない息子を病院に。「点滴で薬入れようか。1時間半かかるけど」「1時間半。。。」採血で注射された時に一瞬泣いたけどその後は大人しく点滴受けててエラい。動画見せながらなんとか終了。ありがとうサンサンキッズTV。 ちょこっと昼飯食べて昼寝して起きてたら最強の拒絶タイプみたいなイヤイヤ。熱は下がったのでなんとか風呂に入れて寝かそうとするも凄いイヤイヤで俺がダウン。夜中も上手く眠れなかったみたいだったけど。今日の10時前まで寝てなんとか。 だいぶ元気になって昨日の夜死にそうになりながら組んだプラノサウルスのスピノサウルスの続きをやった。 なーんか様子
  5. July Podcast Features: Country Music, Biohacking, Child Cancer Survivor, & Canadian Forest Fire Health Risks

    The Monthly Social #podcast for July is posted. This is the trailer for the summer kick-off episode Highlights include: 1. Get Your Lemon Cash #CountryMusic , Brothers & Breakups 2. Brittany Ford on #biohacking 3. Siena "Sisi" Kleiner-Fisman, 11 Yr. old #cancersurvivor is a "She-War