1. Looks like a great app! I have used Paprika, the recipe manager, for many many years….it is the first app I ever bought and I love it and am heavily dependent on it. Although I primarily use it for recipe storage and collection, I can add any recipe ingredients to a shopping l
  2. Treasured Tools That We Might Not Own Yet

    Our most treasured tools might be the things we yearn to own. #treasuredtoolstuesday #treasuredtoolswishlist #originalcontent As a child I was fascinated by foodstuffs and cuisine from all over the world, which was surprising given my intractably quirky food preferences. I LOVED
  3. I'm going to need two llamas, a skateboard, 96 feet of barbed wire, and a whole lotta Led Zeppelin.
  4. The shopping list on my wife’s phone, I kid you not.