1. Washington DC shooting: At least one man killed and five injured

    By Jordan King At least one person was killed in a mass shooting in Washington DC . Investigators believe the shooters got out of a vehicle and began firing into a crowd of people on the street in the Carver Langston neighbourhood, just after 6pm on Wednesday. On top of the man who w
  2. Shithole country

    It'll be a long long time before the United States of America 🇺🇸 is the greatest nation on the Planet again. #guns #racists #fascists #fundamentalists #misogynists #extremists #terrorists #shooters
  3. PayDay 3 Review

    By Gabriel Zamora PayDay 3 ($39.99) is an exhilarating heist-themed first-person shooter that builds upon its predecessors in many ways. In it, you stealth or shoot your way through eight intense missions while snagging all the loot you can get your hands on. It lacks PayDay 2 's m
  4. Gunbrella Review

    By Francisco Lahoz Gunbrella is a challenging run-and-gun 2D shooter for the Nintendo Switch and PC . Developed by Doinksoft, the team behind the monochromatic action-platformer Gato Roboto, it tells a dark story punctuated by humor and fast-paced action. A few gameplay annoyances