1. Elden Ring DLC release date confirmed for summer 2024 alongside physical GOTY editions

    By Shabana Arif After what feels like an eternity, FromSoftware has given us our first look at the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, which is the first and only expansion the developer has planned for the game and launched this summer. It's been a long wait for concre
  2. Elden Ring DLC trailer release time – here’s when you’ll get a first look at Shadow of the Erdtree

    By Aaron Potter On the cusp of Elden Ring’s second anniversary since release, developer FromSoftware is finally ready to debut the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. If you’re wondering why Twitter is currently aflame with real-life versions of that
  3. PS Plus Essential February 2024: soapy shooter Foamstars headlines this month's free games

    By Scott McCrae Square Enix's brand new multiplayer shooter Foamstars is free this month for subscribers, and is joined by combo-based skate shooter Rollerdrome and PS5-only Soulslike Steelrising. While PS Plus is usually pretty solid, it's extremely rare we get a brand-spanking ne
  4. Elden Ring DLC February release window leaked – and I’d be shocked if it’s not spot on

    By Aaron Potter FromSoftware has been keeping painfully quiet about when Shadow of the Erdtree will launch, but players have finally been given a small glimpse of hope. We’ve not heard a peep out of Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware ever since the DLC for its hard-as