1. Process of Domestic Sewage Water Treatment Plant | WOG Group

    The WOG Group should be commended for its advancements in green technology, which include cutting-edge water filtration systems. At the domestic sewage treatment plant , the water was cleaned to get rid of dangerous synthetic compounds and make it safe to use again. We have profes
  2. UK sewage horror revealed as full map of sickening spillages reveals scale of overflow problem

    By David Dubas-Fisher Brits can find out here on an interactive map how much sewage was dumped into rivers and the sea on an interactive map as spills by water companies more than doubled last year . There were over 3.6 million hours worth of waste from storm overflows going into ri
  3. What’s happening in Gaza is unspeakable. Stop Killing Innocent People or Lost US Support!

    #HolocaustRemembranceDay #NeverAgainForAnyone #IsraelWar #Gaza #Palestine #WestBank #Ceasefire #Peace #StopKillingInnocentPeople #NOToNetanyahu #FreeHostages Many of us are watching with horror the severe #humanitarian #catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. Unfortunately, too many of my
  4. Another snippet from Prick Perry's past, when you do something wrong, just ask for a pardon which is what he did here running a "shitter business".

    After graduating from college, Scott Perry co-founded Hydrotech Mechanical Services, Inc. [15] with his mother in 1993. He was listed as the company's secretary and treasurer. Hydrotech is a mechanical contracting firm in Dillsburg that provides contract construction and maintenan
  5. New York unveils statue commemorating alligator sewer myth

    By Zoe Sottile, CNN New York City has unveiled a sculpture paying homage to one of the city’s most enduring myths: Alligators lurking in the sewers. The sculpture shows a life-size gator wrapped around a New York City manhole cover, according to a news release from the Union Square