1. Analysts Predict Net Zero Energy Transition Will Push Most Battery Metals Into Shortage By 2030 – How Investors Can Potentially Get Exposure

    By Rachael Green Shares of Sprott Energy Transition Material ETF (NASDAQ: SETM ) could be positioned for growth as the quest for new supplies of key battery metals like lithium and nickel intensifies. Sprott Asset Management launched the ETF at the beginning of the year as a way to
  2. A Nuclear Renaissance Is Reviving Long Stagnant Uranium Markets – Sprott ETFs Is Giving Investors Multiple Forms Of Exposure To The Heavy Metal

    By Rachael Green Uranium is one of the latest metals to see its price surge on clean energy demand. The key fuel in nuclear power plants had been declining for decades, but a recent renewed interest in nuclear power as a clean energy source to help economies transition to a fossil
  3. Looking For Exposure To Mined Metals Critical For Clean Energy? This ETF Offers A Pure Play Option

    By Melanie Schaffer The Sprott Energy Transition ETF (NYSE: SETM ) was popping up slightly higher on Friday after breaking down from a rising channel pattern on Wednesday amid weak price action in the general stock market . With the global energy transition underway as the world's eco
  4. Biden Under Fire: Larry Summers Warns 'Bidenomics' Is 'Increasingly Dangerous' To US Economy

    By Melanie Schaffer Prominent economist Larry Summers , who served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations, recently expressed deep concerns about elements of President Joe Biden 's economic agenda . In a virtual address at the Peterson Institute for International Economics on T
  5. Development Of Uranium, Copper And Nickel Resources Is Critical To The Transition To Clean Energy – Sprott's ETFs Plan To Ride The Forecasted Growth

    By David Willey The transition towards low-carbon, clean energy solutions is continuing to pick up pace, and with it, the demand for critical minerals is projected to continue increasing. Critical minerals are the natural resources necessary to generate, transmit and store low-car