1. South Africa: School Uniforms May Trigger Sensory Overload in Kids Who Are Sensitive to Fabrics - Our Research Can Help

    By Lizette Diedericks and Karin Van Niekerk / The Conversation Africa [The Conversation Africa] Many people live with what's known as sensory over-reactivity or over-responsiveness . Those with this condition experience an over-reaction to sensory stimuli, such as touch. When overs
  2. Becoming a sensory-aware parent: Understanding sensory processing disorder (SPD)

    By Heather Rose Artushin Have you ever noticed your child getting unusually upset by loud noises, or going out of their way to avoid certain textures? Maybe they seem overly cautious on the playground, struggle with transitions or are constantly in motion. If these scenarios sound
  3. Girl, 2, is only person in world with unique condition - and she's mum's 'little miracle'

    By Elizabeth Hunter & Charlie Duffield A two-year-old girl who has a condition so rare she is the only one in the world with it has been called a "true miracle " by her mum. Amelia Pepper was born with a one-of-a-kind genetic sequence which means her vision and movement is impair
  4. Not all New Year's Eve parties are loud and crowded. 'Sensory-friendly' events explained.

    This year, some communities are offering 'Noon' Year's Eve celebrations that are sensory-friendly. Here's what to know. By Claire Thornton and Krystal Nurse, USA TODAY As millions prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve with crowds of people, loud music and fireworks , some Americans ar
  5. Mrs Hinch and son Ronnie receive same diagnosis as she shares health update

    By Zoe Delaney Mrs Hinch has informed her loyal fans that she and her eldest son Ronnie, four, have both been diagnosed as autistic. The Instagram cleaning sensation, 33, took to social media on Wednesday to give her followers an update and share the news of the diagnosis she recei