1. 🚨 The Department of Finance greenlit "PwC's Indigenous Consulting" just days before explosive Senate inquiry findings. The secretive Finance "review" was inexplicably "finalised" immediately before Senate report made public. There's a cover-up underway...
  2. Australia says Qatar strip-searches of women in 2020 a factor in blocking extra flights

    SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia said a strip-search of women at Qatar's main airport in 2020 played a part in its decision this year to stop Qatar Airways from selling more flights to Australia, denying it was acting due to pressure from rival Qantas Airways. The claim brings a new e
  3. #MistakenCremation #HospitalTragedy #BSCFA #Misinformation #InvestmentProject #SenateInquiry #Ombudsman #RecallGilroyUsherSr #PoliceShooting #YouthChallengeFacilityReopening BNP Paribas letter comes to light in port saga—news from Belize, 13 July.