1. It’s hard to admit to yourself that you need to compromise and help someone that’s done you dirty time and time again, but this guy is fighting for his place, and all I’m looking to do is leave on my own terms. Toxic managers aren’t worth being shown the door. Better to walk out a
  2. Свобода

    Жага свободи ->бажання володіти чимось/кимось (ідея свободи, яку принесуть гроші) ->самоствердження -> розвтілення (перетворення на обʼєкт свого бажання, коли ти стаєш грошима, якими платять інші) ->смерть (духовна). #freedom #money
  3. Opinion: Why Taylor Swift just accomplished what no other musician has

    By Margaret H. Willison Editor’s note: Margaret H. Willison is a culture writer and podcaster from Boston. You can sign up for her newsletter or follow her on Instagram . The opinions expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion on CNN. A week ago, Billboard magazine