1. Health expert shares exact amount of screen time hours children can have based on age

    By Paige Freshwater As a parent, keeping your children away from screens is an ongoing challenge. It doesn't seem to matter how many paint sets you buy or how many footballs you purchase for your child, they always seem to gravitate toward the TV or tablet. According to The Centers
  2. 'Mums are shamed for giving kids screen time – but it's the only way to get stuff done'

    By Katie-Ann Gupwell A mum said she often gives her kids screen time as it enables her to get stuff done. Anneliese King is a content creator who works to help parents feel seen. The mother, who boasts over 409,000 followers on Instagram , posts about various parenting issues from d
  3. The Impact of Social Media on Teens' Mental Health

    In today's digital age, social media has become an integral part of teenagers' lives. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are not just avenues for staying connected with friends but also spaces where young people express themselves and seek validation. However, the inf
  4. Majority of parents want 30-minute screen time limit for young children

    By Lizzy Buchan A majority of parents think young kids should have a 30-minute limit on screen time, a new survey finds. Amid mounting alarm over online harms, research found 60% of parents think under-5s should spend less than half an hour looking at screens per day. One in four (
  5. I Let My Kids Have Unlimited Screen Time on One Simple Condition

    By Jamaya Stubbs I have four kids: two five-year-olds, one six-year-old, and one two-year-old. We currently reside in Florida, and I am a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and a full-time content creator. Screens I currently allow my children to use are TVs and tablets. Typically, there isn'
  6. The benefits of watching slow TV for kids, according to a former teacher

    By Jayme Yannuzzi My 2-year-old had somehow developed a TV addiction. She had just undergone a major surgery which required her to stay put for two entire weeks—that’s how it started. I don’t know if you have ever tried to keep a toddler down without jumping, crashing, dancing or
  7. When it comes to teens, this psychologist has one major tip—no tech in the bedroom

    By Abi Berwager Schreier The world we live in is ruled by technology, which can make it extra hard for parents trying to balance that fact and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines on screen time —no more than one hour a day. Let’s be realistic, it’s almost impossible to g
  8. Eight Minutes A Day

    Finally set browsing time limits for my social networks. Certainly makes it easier to curtail my journey down various friendly rabbit holes. Actually feel relieved when my time is up. Your sojourn has concluded. Move along. #SocialNetwork #Screentime #Limits #RabbitHole
  9. Former teacher shares her ‘secret weapon’ on reducing screen time

    By Katrina Nattress For most families, screen time is unavoidable , but if reducing the amount of television your children watch is on your “in” list for 2024, Jayme Yannuzzi ( @teachtalkinspire on Instagram ) has a great tip. The former teacher revealed a “secret weapon” she uses whe
  10. What to know about having the “tech talk” with your kids

    By Yoky Matsuoka Because I work in tech and I’m a mom of four, people often ask me questions about how I manage technology in my kids’ lives. Every time these conversations arise, I’m somewhat caught off guard. The truth is, I find myself faced with my own complicated relationship