1. Adventures in Upholstery

    Here's the cat tower upholstery story. The previous owner had a black cat and did her best to clean everything. She warned us the platforms were still stained and dirty. She wasn't kidding (photo 1). The entire tower is upholstered with a cream, almost white, colored synthetic sh
  2. Cat Tower Repair

    After getting sidetracked with house painting stuffs, we got back to fixing up the new to us cat tower earlier this week. I'm happy to report she is finished! We completely disassembled it in order to make replacing the sisal simpler. Once we did that, I realized we could easily s
  3. Cat Decorating

    Okay, peeps. Time to pick a fabric for reupholstering the top platforms of the new cat scratching post tower thing (scroll back a few posts if you missed it). These are the best cat fabrics in my stash with enough yardage. Do I go with one of these or something completely weird l
  4. How to repair a scratching post like a real pro #CatsOfpost#CatsOfpost #catofpost#catofpost #scratchingpost#scratchingpost #catstree#catstree